What is in a Sacred Pregnancy Class


As a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor I will be teaching the 8 week “PREGNANCY JOURNEY” classes + the 4 week “BIRTH JOURNEY” courses in our community…sharing the deep drink with your local women!

The 8 week “pregnancy journey” courses explore the following topics:

Week O N E : sacred space Explore creating a personal sacred space at home, meditation practice + the benefits of journaling
Sister Project : you will create a collage candle

Week T W O : connection + expectations Explore connection to yourself, the baby and the pregnancy experience + discuss your pregnancy expectations
Sister Project : you will create a “mother wisdom” painting

Week T H R E E : food + body image Explore cravings, mindful eating, body changes + challenges
Sister Project : you will create menu cards + declare your personal song + be witnessed with bare belly dancing

Week F O U R : relationships + romance Bring your partner to class and discuss relationship shifts, romance and keeping the fire lit!
Sister Project : you are your partner will create HEART art + make a sweet connection

Week F I V E : fears Holding space to discuss all fears relating to pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
Sister Project : you will burn your fears + do group EMPOWERMENT silk painting

Week S I X : forgiveness Find the strength to forgive past hurts allow emotional space to open up BEFORE baby comes.
Sister Project : ripping free + binding your power “spirit stick“

Week S E V E N : honoring Discuss emotional nesting, gender bias, + mother blessings
Sister Project : personal power blessings + essential oils soak

Week E I G H T : sisterhood “ going to the bowl” The last week is spent in a sisterhood circle in deep reflection of the experiences shared together and going forward.
Sister Project : going to the salt bowl

The 4 week “birth journey” courses are for pregnant couples and explore the following topics:

Week O N E : standing at the edge Discuss what is happening to your birthing body + visualizations
Partner Project : create personal visualization + beauty way birth plan + mala mantras

Week T W O : surrender PRACTICE pushing into the surges and not contracting away + TRUST + surge strategies + the power of smell + song
Partner Project : power stones + choose a birth song

Week T H R E E : birth Birth talk / when will I know I am in labor, technical talk, education, calling on earth, air, fire + water!
Sister Project : LOVE labor method + deep voice toning

Week F O U R : rite of passage Discuss rite of passage + mother roasting + mother wisdom
Sister Project : learn to make an herbal sitz bath + learn the art of bengkung belly binding + crossing the threshold from maiden to mother + community stone soup



I wrote this to help explain the difference between the Sacred Pregnancy Trainings + the Sacred Pregnancy Classes ~Anni

Sacred Pregnancy Instructor Retreats:

Sacred Pregnancy Instructor Training Retreats allow for anyone interested in becoming an INSPIRED birth worker in the Sacred Pregnancy movement to learn both the *8 week* “pregnancy journey” classes + the *4 week* “birth journey” classes!

Our retreats are fully EXPERIENTIAL and allow the instructors to experience wha…t they will learn rather than just hear or talk about it. This is a huge reason why Sacred Pregnancy trainings will never be offered online. We deeply value actual human connection in real life and think that is what is missing for women. We like to say we are “old school”! Women need sisterhood, and we want to bring that back. As a result of the beautiful work we do together in the trainings, women who are coming to learn, also get transformed…They deepen who they are individually as people and as birth workers. They find new depths of themselves because we ask them to push beyond their fears and discomforts to really SHOW UP for themselves and each other. As a result they are forever changed and they have a sisterhood that reaches far beyond the walls of the retreat. All of the women who have ever gone through an SP retreat understand this at deep levels that words can hardly express. Because the women are valuing their personal experience during the trainings they are able to go home and passionately bring Sacred Pregnancy to their communities. Becoming a Sacred Pregnancy instructor is more than learning a technique or curriculum, its about self facing, looking deeply at ones own issues to see what gets in your own way, so we can really do the work with the women back home. People ask me all the time how I think we really change the birth conversation…its so simple I say, “change the language and the experience, and there is no way the birth conversation cant change”. Women want this because they crave sisterhood connection…and Sacred Pregnancy provides it.

Sacred Pregnancy Classes:

Sacred Pregnancy Classes are for pregnant women who want to connect with other women during their pregnancies in a deep, fun and inspirational way. The classes are based on the book Sacred Pregnancy written by Anni Daulter and were developed to honor women during their pregnancies. The “Pregnancy Journey” classes are 8 weeks (about 2 hours each class) and discuss topics like sacred space, connection + expectations, food + body image, relationships, fears, forgiveness, honoring, + sisterhood. These 8 weeks are solely for pregnant women (with the exception of the 4th week when the partners are invited in to discuss the topic of relationships) They are led by trained and certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructors and are starting to pop up all around the world.

The 8 weeks of the Pregnancy Journey classes happen DURING the pregnancy and focus solely on a woman’s experience during her pregnancy. They are not religious, but are spiritual. We honor all faiths at Sacred Pregnancy, and while we do not discuss religion in the classes, Sacred Pregnancy is a spiritual journey…a look within and without. A mindful practice of learning how to go within and access your highest self. They teach women HOW TO DO empowerment, not just say the word. They help women BE PRESENT through the whole of her pregnancy journey. They are FOR HER! A place to connect as pregnant women and as sacred sisters. They are place to be honored and valued and encourage deep transformation and openness. The “Birth Journey” classes are 4 weeks (about 2 hours each) and discuss topics like readying her for birth, the “love labor” method, conscious birth, rebozo, oils, music, postpartum issues and belly binding. The Birth Journey classes are for the couple, and encourage this connection as the couple steps into the final weeks of the pregnancy into birth and over the threshold into parenthood.

Right from the horses mouth


I HEART SACRED PREGNANCY SO MUCH and hear is just one more reason!

This is a quote from a soon-to-be DADDY who came to the relationships week of the 8 week Sacred Pregnancy Course I co-taught with Myrriah in Philly…

“The Sacred Birth C…lass was something totally new and exciting! Being a soon to be father, I have been reading and trying to support my wife in many ways. The regular appointments, birth classes, and books deal with the medical side of giving birth. My wife has been coming home from these classes more relaxed, inspired, and connected to our baby. The Sacred Birth Class has a different intention and has greatly improved our pregnancy. Being there in person allowed me to a chance to truly connect on a deeper level with my wife and gave me real tools to help her through the entire birth process. These are tools that are physical, psychological, and spiritual. I joked in our class that every doctor should be prescribing the Sacred Birth Classes, but I see the benefits and know it has added so much to our experience thus far.”

All the best,